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Dog Training Programs

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Nitro K-9 offers professional-grade obedience training to any dog and owner who wants to learn. Designed by Steve Walter, these programs teach advanced hand and voice commands, transitional handling (moving smoothly from one command to the next), and specific techniques for dealing with any situation you may encounter.

How it works

Nitro K-9 can help you take your training wherever you want it to go, and we can help you deal with many behavioral issues. However, the foundation of everything we do is obedience training, and we deal with most issues within this context.

We train in the real world for the real world, and our program is designed to get your dog off-leash from day one. You’ll meet with us in a park or open space, typically about once a week. Then, you’ll continue with what you learned for the following week—shoot to practice 15-20 minutes a day.

Don’t have the time to train personally? Check out our Hands Off program.

Levels of Achievement

Because we work with each dog individually, every program is tailored to meet your individual training goal and challenges. We really get to know you and your dog. That means we can help you become the best handler you can be—and help you get your dog to his or her fullest potential. Nitro K-9 offers three levels of achievement.

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