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How to fail your dog: don’t practice

August 9, 2015Category : Articles

For all of my truly wonderful clients and their dogs who work their tails off—which is the majority of you—this post isn’t directed at you. You guys are great. And you know who you are. Do you know the number one reason dog trainers get burned out? Here’s a hint: it’s not the dogs. The…

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How to manage on-leash dog greetings

July 14, 2015Category : Articles

Worried about how to manage on-leash greetings? Chances are, you’ve searched online how to do it, and I’d be willing to bet the farm that you’ve come across a whole bunch of articles saying that dogs should never meet each other while they’re on a leash. This is ridiculous. It’s just another example of the…

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In Defense of Balanced Dog Training

June 12, 2015Category : Articles

There’s a balanced training bashing article that’s been making the rounds lately. It’s just one example of a growing number of blog posts and articles put out by the purely positive movement. For the most part, these pieces are stuffed full of misinformation and misinterpretation of data, which is why I wanted to take a…

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