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Dog Aggression and Anxiety

January 20, 2015Category : Articles

Dog Aggression and Anxiety I have focused the vast majority of my career toward the betterment of aggressive and anxious dogs. Over the years, I have diagnosed, trained, or worked with literally thousands of them. On an average day, I see anywhere from eight to ten aggressive or anxious dogs through consultation or as we’re…

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The “Clicker Training Scam” -Guilt Via Positivity, Hopelessness Via Positivity

November 19, 2014Category : Articles

Why Positive Dog Training Fails You may have picked up on the fact that I don’t like so-called positive dog training. For the record, I call it so-called positive because … it’s not. The tools many of these trainers recommend are like medieval torture devices from a dog’s perspective. Positive? Not so much. If their…

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Let’s talk about your dogs tail

October 30, 2014Category : Articles

A wagging tail means a happy dog, right? Well, sometimes. I was training a Bernese Mountain dog at the park the other day—a first session with a new client—when a woman came up to me and said, “Can’t you see that dog’s tail is going down whenever you walk it? Don’t you know that means…

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