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Obedience Large Dogs

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Level 1: Beginner Obedience

Our Beginner Obedience package is our most popular offering. We will teach you and your dog how to successfully execute hand and voice commands on leash, building a solid foundation for Level 2 (off-leash obedience). Your dog will learn to:

For other special training needs, contact Nitro K-9.

During this intensive training regimen, we will work with you and your dog, answering your questions as we progress and helping you solve the most common problems we see (typically some combination or jumping, barking, digging, and pulling on lead). Most behavioral issues will be resolved at this stage. Depending on your needs, we will also help with any other questions and issues you have, from nutritional recommendations to separation anxiety.

Large Dog “Hands-On” Level 1 Pricing

Packages include complimentary lifetime phone and email support.

Please note that there is no financial obligation until we meet in person for an evaluation. All information is SSL encrypted. Your personal and private information are secure and we promise to never disclose identities or behavioral issues unless faced with a court order.

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Level 2: Intermediate Obedience

Imagine being able to verbally steer your dog away from danger at a distance—or maybe your dinner plate! Or recalling your dog mid-run and moving straight into a side heel. Sound like an unachievable dream? It’s not. We’ll help you get there.

During Level 2, you and your dog will learn how to successfully execute all of the commands learned in Level 1, but without the leash. We’ll focus on extended verbal cues and hand signals for the commands your dog already knows, and will teach a variety of new commands depending on your goals.

Level 2 is also a foot in the door for level 3 activities, like search and rescue training, scent detection, hunting dog foundation, or any other custom dog training you want. If you plan to continue to any advanced work, we will start setting the foundation here.

Large Dog “Hands-On” Level 2 Pricing

Packages include complimentary lifetime phone and email support.

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