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Nitro K-9 Professional Dog Training Programs

The Nitro K-9 training programs offer professional-grade obedience training to any dog and owner who wants to learn. Steve Walter designed these programs to teach advanced hand and voice commands to you and your dog. There are various programs for those who would like to take an active role in the training process, and options for those who simply don’t have the time to take part.

Nitro K-9 offers three levels of achievement:

  • Level 1 Program: Foundational on-leash training. You will learn to teach your dog the following commands: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Heel, Automatic Sit, Come Around, Leave It, Go to Your Bed, Focus, Stop. Many other commands may be introduced as well, depending on your individual situation. This is our most popular training option, with many graduates all over the West Coast and beyond.
  • Level 2 Program: Off-leash training. You and your dog will revisit the Level 1 commands without a leash. This program is also the beginning of the various Level 3 programs offered.
  • Level 3 – Multiple Programs: Specialized focus designed for your extra needs and to take your dog to its furthest potential. Some examples are emotional support, canine sports, and personal protection training.

For each level, we work with you and your dog one-on-one, or Steve can train your dog for you in our Hands-Off or Board & Train programs. We incorporate transitional handling-moving smoothly from one command to the next-and specific techniques for any situation you may encounter. We also offer our experience about equipment, nutrition, and bonding, and debunk many common canine myths.

We will help you become the best handler you can be, and we will teach you to help your dog be the best it can be. To learn more about pricing and specific details about each of the Nitro K-9 training programs, click the links at left.

If your dog is over 35lbs, click HERE to see our standard pricing and options.

The Mini-Heroes Training Programs (Levels 1, 2, 3)

Just because your pup is less than 35 pounds doesn’t mean it can’t be a hero too! Steve Walter has many training programs available for those seeking to transform their dog into a Mini-Hero. These programs are for those mini dogs that are looking for general to advanced obedience, just like their larger friends.

For the Mini-Heroes training series, Steve Walter tailored the standard Nitro K-9 Dog programs to teach advanced hand and voice command especially to small dogs. As in the Nitro K-9 Dog programs, the Mini-Heroes programs are available in three levels: In Level 1 on-leash training is mastered; in Level 2 off-leash skills are developed; in Level 3 select dogs can proceed with specialized training.

Your Mini-Hero dog can do anything the larger breeds can do. To learn more about pricing and specific details about this training, start HERE.

The Aggression Stopper Program (Level 1)

Is your dog snapping on or off the leash? Is your dog biting and growling? Is your dog presenting any unsettling or dangerous behavior?

If you find yourself avoiding other dogs, or getting up hours before the sun rises in the hope of a stress-free walk, do the right thing for your dog, for yourself, and for your community: get effective training.

Nitro K-9 can help. Steve Walter had dedicated his career to aiding clients and dogs with aggression and anxiety issues. He has handled many aggressive dogs and is an expert on fixing those unhealthy behaviors. This Nitro K-9 program helped hundreds of people in the Seattle area get their dogs back! Read our reviews and see how we are busting the food-training myth and saving hundreds of dogs a year from certain death due to unsettling aggressive behaviors.

Steve Walter knows how terrifying leash aggression can be. Nitro K-9 teaches behavior modification for aggression in all its forms: territorial aggression, resource aggression, fear aggression, redirection of aggression toward handler, and all combinations of domination and fear-based issues.

Steve Walter will also help you with anxiety issues and the destructive behavior that often follows this intense problem. The three major types of Anxiety we see are separation anxiety, noise anxiety, and social anxiety. Aggression is often triggered by anxiety and fear. If your dog has separation anxiety as well as aggressive behavior, call us right away.

We can make a difference in your life today. Nitro K-9 is here to help. Get your problem under control and on the way to modification of these behaviors right away. To learn more about pricing and specific details about this training, click HERE.

The Emotional Support Training Program – The Bruno Factor (Level 3)

Inspired by a stray named Bruno, Steve designed this program for those people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other emotion-based issues. From therapy dogs to emotional support dogs, from dogs that can sense panic attacks to dogs who simply can give you the sense of peace you need to help you relax, Nitro K-9 is ready to create a bond that will help you lead an easier life. (We also train psychiatric service dogs upon request.) Whether you already have a dog you wish to train or you would like help selecting and training a dog, we can help.

Take companionship to the next level and let your dog learn how to give you that extra emotional aid. To learn more about pricing and specific details about this training click HERE.

Canine Security & Personal Protection Program (Level 3)

Our security program is one of the finest available on the West Coast. If you need a jogging companion, or if you are the victim of a crime, we can help your dog provide you with peace of mind. Do you need a dog to alert to certain cues or sounds? Do you want to know that your family is safe while you are away? Steve Walter has the knowledge and the experience to train your dog to its top potential.

Single woman and victims of domestic violence are encouraged to contact us to begin dog selection and training. Level 2 graduates are encouraged to pursue this type of training to completely finish with training. To learn more about pricing and specific details, click HERE.

Board & Train Program (Levels 1, 2, 3)

Our Board & Train program is everything you have been hearing it to be. Steve Walter creates an individualized, highly structured, and methodical training schedule for your dog to learn professional-grade obedience.

This program teaches advanced hand and voice commands to your dog. Your dog is handled by multiple handlers in a single day, to ensure that your dog will behave for anyone, not just us. We can train your dog to Level 1 and beyond, or for a specific task or goal.

We take great pride in this program. We train your dog or puppy as if it were our own. All obedience training is done by Steve Walter personally. Steve supervises all additional handling. We do not farm out our training.

The Board & Train program offers a structure and a training philosophy that will enrich your life with your dog forever. To learn more about pricing and specific details about this training, click HERE.

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