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The Nitro K-9 LLC Board & Train program is very special. Taking only one dog at a time for this program, we can exclusively focus our attention on your dog’s training. Your dog will benefit from the unique talents of each of our staff as he/she will be with our entire staff daily from the office to the training floor to runs in our vehicles around town. We consider each dog’s temperament and needs – your dog will be in an emotionally healthy and safe environment. Your dog will be played with, loved and treated like a member of our family.

Board & Train is perfect for the busy professional or for anyone who needs a jump start to their training. You can expect a beautifully trained dog at the end of any of our Board & Train programs. Your dog will be trained in hand and voice commands.

Your dog will participate in many classes each day to hone his or her training skills and confidence around other dogs and in new or stressful environments. Your dog will also have ball time and play time.

We emphasize a proper Heel at Nitro K-9. Heel is the foundation and key to all focus and any hope of true off leash control- See Steve’s article “The Healing Power Of Heel.”

Please watch our demo video of Heel.

*Our 3 week program is our level 1 starting point.
*Our 5 week program is for those wanting on and off leash training or help with serious behavioral issues that take time and hard work to resolve.

New clients start with the 3-week level 1 Board and Train program. After completion, you are welcome to drop off your dog for periods of one day to as long as needed for a Board & Train refresher and training upgrade services. Common training upgrade services after completion of Board and Train include our Level 1 to Level 2, fine-tuning particular training and custom training of your choice. To secure your dog’s place in this extremely popular program, please book in advance to minimize your wait time.

Common Questions about our Board & Train Program

Board & Train may not be appropriate for all dogs. Some dogs feel so stressed by boarding that our Hands Off Program becomes a much more solid choice for that dog. We will determine if your dog is a good fit for our program at your dog’s behavioral assessment.

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Please ask us for more details.

We prefer dogs that are at least 12 weeks old.

All dogs must be current on vaccines (Titer test is accepted). We require proof of flea treatment and clean fecal float 14 days before your dog’s start date. If these conditions are not met, we cannot accept your dog into our program.

Your dog will receive 100% private one-on-one training for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

Your dog will participate and be handled by other new and more experienced trainers throughout the day to hone his or her skills.

Your dog will get three leashed walks outside a day and multiple potty breaks.

We rarely use food in our training but in some circumstances, we may.

We guarantee we will work our tails off for your dog. We will communicate each step of the way. Realistically, it’s important to remember that animals are unpredictable, and some results may take a few weeks to fully show. Sometimes, your dog needs additional time to calm down and reacclimate to your schedule and environment.

Yes. We will provide two complimentary private lessons to transfer skills and support your dog’s reintegration into the home. In order to see continued results, it is your responsibility to maintain the hard work put into your dog. Minimal daily practice is needed.

We accept intact males but unfortunately, we cannot accept intact females unless their owner agrees to come and get the dog ASAP when they are in heat.  We do not advocate for traditional spay and neuter operations. See Steve’s article on Spay & Neuter. Any dog with a canine vasectomy or ovarian spare is accepted.

Yes, on a case by case basis. We are not interested in recommending training that won’t ultimately lead to the successful training of your dog. We will carefully assess your dog to be sure this is the best option. We also have Hands Off and Privates (training) if Board & Train is not right for your dog.

Yes, it is possible, but it could be quite expensive depending on the behaviors needed.  In order to access the costs and time involved, please Sign Up for an assessment.

Yes, it is possible, but it could be quite expensive as even the basic skills for a true protection dog can take up to a year to develop. However, for any working dog we work with, we will work the whip and the stick and work with the proper bite grip foundation. We also do some agitation for old enough dogs.

In general, our Protection Dog Classes are better suited for this.

On & Off Leash Demo Videos used in our Training

Protection Demo Videos used in our Training

Board & Train Pricing & Requirements

Board & Train Pricing

Packages include complimentary lifetime phone and email support.

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